Stress in College – How to Handle It

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Listen, I’m not here telling you that stress in college doesn’t exist. Stress is one of the biggest parts of college. Oh, you have a paper due and you forgot about it until the night before? Stress. Your professor lost your paper and you don’t have an extra copy? Stress. 3 tests in 1 day in your hardest classes?! STRESS. Stress is right around every corner but luckily there are many ways to cope with it that don’t involve dropping out, which will lead to being asked by members of your family at those awful family gatherings (we’ve all been there) what you plan on doing with the rest of your life now that you’re the first dropout in a family full of doctors and engineers.

Here’s how to make sure you set yourself up in a position to not have so much stress

1. Use a Planner
The simplest way to handle your stress in college is by using a planner and writing down all of your future projects, tests and papers. Most teachers will give you a syllabus so it is best to do this at the beginning of the semester. If the teacher revises the syllabus, make sure you write that down too so you don’t end up thinking a project is due a week later than it actually is.

2. Get GroupMe
Set up a GroupMe with fellow classmates. This is so essential in-case you miss a class or you’re not sure about the assignment that’s due. Asking for help is not a bad thing, but if you don’t ask for help you can be lost trying to figure out a question that can be easily answered.

3. Be Engaged
One of my biggest pieces of advice is to actually engage yourself in class discussion. This is so important because if you are confused you won’t be that random person in the back who only shows up to 3 classes all year asking what the teacher is talking about. Truthfully, if you’re confused, there’s likely more than 5 other students with the same question that are too afraid to ask. Stand up and be the voice for the student body so the teachers can make sure you’re familiar with the content being taught.

4. Turn to Friends
If it comes down to the point where your stress is boiling over the top and you have nowhere to turn then you should confide in a close friend and ask them to talk. Lots of times just talking about what’s bothering you can help you figure out the solution. They’re probably stressed too so it will be nice for them to talk to you as well. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your friends you can always go to Student Services and ask to speak to someone. They always have people on staff whose job is to literally help students deal with stress.

5. Find a Hobby
Find a hobby. Seriously. Being at college and only doing school related activities might make you lose your mind. There’s nothing like involving yourself in a club, greek life, or sport to help loosen you up and help take your mind off of school work for a few hours a day.

6. Take Care of YOURSELF
Lastly, stay organized, eat healthy, take care of your body. When you go to the dining hall don’t be afraid to mix in a salad and drink plenty of water. Your body needs healthy food to feed your brain so it can operate at maximum performance. Working out is also another key to helping relieve some stress. When it comes to staying organized, this is referring to all aspects of your life (even your messy room). Don’t be afraid to stay in one night and clean up your room, make your bed and even do your laundry. You will feel so empowered and in charge of everything in your life.

Let’s recap here. To help minimize stress in college make sure you use a planner, set up a GroupMe with fellow classmates, engage in class discussion, talk to a friend or counselor, find a hobby and STAY ORGANIZED. This is how I stay on top of things at college and I hope it helps you

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