25 Awesome Online Resources for College Students

In this day in age, there are thousands of resources available online to help college students meet their goals and succeed. It can be overwhelming trying to find a certain resource to help you, because there are so many!

We have picked our top 25 favorite online resources for college students.  College students need all the help they can get. Luckily for you, there are plenty of resources available out there.


  1. Mathway – An online calculator that allows you to compute problems and even shows you how to reach the answer. Great for problems that you are having trouble on.
  2. Studyblue – Studyblue is a website/app that allows you to create note cards to help you study. You can also search from thousands of note cards that have already been created. Note cards can be organized by school, teacher, and subject – making them easy to find.
  3. Quizlet – Same concept as Studyblue. Also have an app available.
  4. RateMyProfessor Allows you to type in the name of current or potential teachers to see what       students before you are saying about them. Great resource to look at when scheduling classes next semester.
  5. Google Docs – Already have a google account? Perfect. Google Docs allows you to save all of your work in their “cloud” and share it in real time with others. Perfect for group projects. App is available as well.
  6. OneDrive – Same concept as Google Docs, just the Microsoft version. Some schools have deals in place with Microsoft and encourage their students to use OneDrive. App is available as well.
  7. Dropbox – Website/app that allows you to easily share files, pics, and spreadsheets with others. Same concept as Google Docs and OneDrive.
  8. Sparknotes – Great tool to use when reading books or writing papers on books. Gives chapter summaries and in-depth analysis of things that happen throughout the book. App is available as well.
  9. Bibme – A free bibliography/citation maker. Choose the format you would like your bibliography to be in. Plug in the information and you’re all set.
  10. Chegg – Great place to buy or rent textbooks. Why buy a textbook when you can rent it? Also have answers and solutions to textbook problems. Also an app.
  11. Google Calendar – Awesome tool to help you stay organized and keep things in line. They have an app as well.
  12. Khan Academy – Website/App that offers free online courses, lessons, and test prep. They have useful videos to help you understand problems too. Great tool to use if you are confused on a certain subject.
  13. MyFitnessPal – Want to avoid the freshmen 15? Download this app. Allows you to set and track goals while keeping track of how much you are eating and working out.
  14. Venmo – Don’t carry around a lot of cash? This is the app for you. Venmo lets you send money instantly to friends. Even allows you to request money if someone forgets to pay you back.
  15. Cappex – Website that helps you find merit based scholarships. Everyone can use some extra money.
  16. GroupMe – App that allows you to create group chats with friends. Very easy to create groups, add people to the groups, and edit the groups. You can have multiple groups as well.
  17. Cheatography – Website that helps you find cheat sheets for different subjects. Can’t find a cheat sheet you like? Make a new one. Awesome study tool.
  18. Prezi – Ever get bored of seeing the same PowerPoint presentations? Prezi allows you to create unique presentations with all of their different features.
  19. Internships.com – Need to find an internship. This is a great resource for helping you find an internship.
  20. Spotify – Spotify is a music streaming service that has literally every song you could ever think of. Spotify offers a college student discount. Also an app.
  21. TED Talks– Website that posts videos of people giving inspirational or educational presentations.
  22. LinkedIn – Facebook of the professional world. Your profile consists of your resume and skillsets. Awesome for connecting with people in your field.
  23. Amazon Prime Student – Everyone knows what Amazon is, but not Amazon prime student. Amazon prime student is their exclusive service that includes prime delivery options, a video streaming service, and a music streaming service.
  24. Sleep Cycle – An app that uses your phone to analyze your sleep cycle and wake you up in your lightest sleep phase.
  25. Tomato Timer – Website that sets a timer and allows you to set study breaks. Helps keep you focused.




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